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  • I am a complete beginner. Can I come?
    Definitely! We have people visit us every week who have never done this type of meditation (or even any kind of meditation) before. Our events always have a nice community vibe and people report feeling really relaxed and comfortable. Feel free to message us directly if you have any other questions or concerns.
  • Can I bring my children to an event?
    Yes, you can. Kirtan is for everyone and many kids of different ages like it, so bring them along if they're up for it. Under 12 year olds do not need a ticket to our events. We do ask that you keep your kid(s) with you at all times as our team won’t always be able to keep an eye out for them. Kirtan can be both quiet and meditative as well as loud and lively, so if your child is very restless or noisy in quieter moments, we suggest that you consider taking them outside for a little break.
  • Do I have to pre-book for your events?
    We encourage booking via Eventbrite for our events for catering purposes as we are committed to minimising food wastage. For our weekly Thursday and Saturday night kirtan events as well as Kirtan in the Park, generally you can book 1-2 days before and get a ticket. For special events, we strongly advise booking in advance as they tend to sell out earlier. If you are having trouble booking online, send us an email or message us via our Instagram or Facebook page and we will sort something out.
  • Do the kirtan leaders/musicians get paid to play at your events ?
    No, they don't. Our community is made up of volunteers and everyone does their part as a service, which is the coolest thing! Funds raised from our events go towards venue hire, food, equipment etc. Where necessary, we cover travel expenses if someone is coming from a long way. For our guest speakers who travel around the world sharing the teachings of spirituality and kirtan, we will usually give them a donation as a contribution to their livelihood.
  • Can I invite you to do a kirtan at my home or wellness centre?
    Although we absolutely love sharing kirtan, we often don't have the capacity to do additional events. However, if you have a proposal that you really believe in, feel free to contact us via email at and we can discuss it further. In the meantime, we hope you'll join us at one of our events some time!
  • I want to perform at your events. Can I do that?
    Leading kirtan at our events is by invitation, although sometimes circumstances will allow for us to be able to accept requests. We have a regular pool of people that we invite to lead kirtan at our events and offer the opportunity as much as possible to those who are committed practitioners of bhakti yoga. If you would like to sing at one of our events, you are welcome to speak in person to one of us, or email us at
  • Can I bring instruments to your event and play along?
    Our intention is to create a peaceful, uplifting mantra music meditation experience for all our guests. As such, if you'd like to bring an additional instrument we suggest checking with us over email first so we can see if it would fit the vibe of our kirtan atmosphere.
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